Lesson Pack 16oz Glass Frit for: "Frit Beads-Four Approaches"

Lesson Pack 16oz Glass Frit for: "Frit Beads-Four Approaches"


temporarily sold out, I’ll put together a similar collection and listing shortly (today 12/4/18)

Sixteen (16) ea, 1oz bagged Val Cox blends plus solid Reichenbach leaded 96coe frits to be used in the free video lesson for the Facebook group, “Beginning Lampwork Fun Challenges”, January 1-30, 2019. Lessons and challenges led by Valorie Cox.

Your pack might be slightly different, but primarily it will be Val Cox blends, Red Currant, Amazonia, Pinky, Pink Taffy, Pink Caramel, Tawny White, Aqua Violet, and Reichenbach solids, Iris Blue Lt, Violet Blue lt, Gold Pink, Iris Brown Lt, Opal Rose, Moss Green, Spring Meadow, Orange and Cadet Blue. This assortment of transparent and opaque #1 grind, 96coe, leaded German glass frit, will come into use in the lesson, but purchase is not required to learn the lessons, you can substitute your own frits. All glass is appropriate for BoC donation guidelines. 104coe compatible.

We will also be using silver foil, so add that to your cart or grab the silver you have on hand.

Val Cox will cover:

—Art & Science of Frit Blending Design

—In a Pinch: Making Frit

—Behind the Torch: Frit Beads—Four Approaches.

All in conjunction to support Beads of Courage in memorium of Paul Woodall.

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