Asheville March 28-31 "Fire on the Mountain" supplies

Asheville March 28-31 "Fire on the Mountain" supplies


Frit supplies we will be using for my demo and frit course at Fire on the Mountain, Asheville, NC. If you want to save on shipping, let me know in the checkout notes and I’ll bring it with me, and will immediately refund your $8. shipping fee. These are priced a little lower than normal. It’s going to be a great time together in Asheville!

Includes sample sizes (1oz) of Elsie, Isabella, Royal Violet, Silver Lake, Amelia, Abigail, Adora and Charlie.

If you already have some of these and want a substitution of something else, just make a note and I’m happy to switch them around.

Anyone is welcome to purchase this, but it is specifically designed for the Asheville get together where I will demonstrate frit techniques and these are the colors we will be using.

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